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Are you searching for love in cosmic spots? You should realize how relative affects astrology and how your ascendant is how Maimonides you appear on the planet. Your relative is found on the contrary side of the zodiac wheel and addresses characteristics you long for or even respect in another person. It resembles an entire West Side Story thing: two individuals from different universes seeing each other from across the room, in a real sense star-crossed (yet with an ideally more joyful ever after). 

“If you exemplify the characteristics of your Rising Sign, the sign inverse can be in a flash charming,” says astrologer and tarot card peruser Maria Sofia Marmanides. “That sign may essentially esteem similar standards as you do, yet goes about it totally differently. Furthermore, that is another explanation the Descendant principles over the place of partnerships, serious relationships and marriage—individuals we pull in or want as partners.” 

If you need to see how marriage and partnerships appear on your introduction to the world diagram, first fly over to a birth graph generator. Then, at that point, Marmanides prescribes you look to the sign that governs your relative and any planets in the seventh house, just as where the leader of the indication of the Descendant dwells in your natal outline. What’s more, with similarity readings, you can likewise check whether your partner has planets that are in your Descendant sign. 

However, if you need a speedy once-over, she shares how your prophetic relative shows what you need in a partner. 

Aries Rising/Libra Descendant 

Aries is an indication that is about oneself, and they will search for somebody who is about individuals other than themselves. 

“For an autonomous and opportunity adoring sign like Aries, you esteem standards like fortitude,” says Maimonides. “Having Libra on the Descendant implies that you look for a valiant enough partner to want partnership, notwithstanding realizing how weak enthusiastic responsibility can make you. It’s needing somebody unafraid to cherish love.” 

Taurus Rising/Scorpio Descendant 

Gracious, Taurus Rising. You will be directed to the water with some sort of elusive, charming, inclines the-divider looking-so-tainted because of the world-makes-them-fatigued sort. 

“As a Taurus Rising, you normally epitomize unfaltering quality and dependability, appearing to others as quiet and held, yet with Scorpio as your Descendant, you might find that you’re drawn to somebody who oozes huge loads of secret and interest,” says Maimonides. “While their surface appears to be seriously impervious, you will need to perceive what profundities are under.” 

Gemini Rising/Sagittarius Descendant 

Gemini Rising needs a major-hearted, 10,000-foot view mastermind. With Sagittarius as the Descendant ruler, they’ll see somebody who doesn’t simply plan for an impressive future; however, lives significantly greater. 

“Gemini Rising can address themselves a ton, and there will be a charm to somebody who encapsulates the guideline of not reasoning and examining so a lot and really going out there and doing it,” says Maimonides. 

Cancer Rising/Capricorn Descendant 

Cancer and Capricorn merge like a little housewife/spouse and finance manager/wife couple. 

“Cancer are animals of solace and solidness,” Marmanides says. “They need a steady home unit, and as a cardinal sign, will esteem status. Having the Descendant in Capricorn implies they will look for partners who can bring that feeling of aspiration and assurance into getting an adoring and steadfast home and nuclear family.” 

Leo Rising/Aquarius Descendant 

Leo Rising will be super into showy behaviors: dramatization and inventiveness, and they’ll see the value in that Aquarian style and prosper. 

“Normally, you will search out partners who are offbeat in their methodology, regardless of whether that is the manner by which they express their main avenue for affection or whether they present as peculiar or novel,” says Maimonides. “For somebody who carries on with their life directly from the heart, it will be fascinating for a Leo Rising to be with somebody who plays their feelings nearer to the chest.” 

Virgo Rising/Pisces Descendant 

As indicated by Marmanides, Virgos are partners and the practitioners of the zodiac, so when they look across the way, they see PiscesMaimonidesgroups’t directly on their sleeve. They’ll immediately need to protect them, regardless of whether that individual doesn’t require safeguarding. 

“Virgos invest a great deal of energy in their minds and can get into details, so somebody who exemplifies Piscean characteristics of otherworldliness and vision will fill in as an alluring offset to their potential for criticism or realism,” Marmanides says. 

Libra Rising/Aries Descendant 

Keep in mind that Libra is continually searching for an S.O., and they’ll see somebody who typifies Aries free characteristics VERY provocative. 

“Libra is known for their appeal and elegance, keeping the harmony, and continually thinking about the other’s perspective,” says Maimonides. “Which is the thing that will make Aries so alluring, on the grounds that it will cause Libra to fantasize about the sort of individual who could carry on with life totally according to their own preferences.” 

Scorpio Rising/Taurus Descendant 

With this coordinate, you have somebody who keeps things stowed away from the world, and they’ll be attractively drawn to their direct front inverse. 

“Scorpios are regularly a secret, even to themselves, which is the thing that will make a Taurus so charming to them, since Taurus exemplifies legitimacy,” says Maimonides. “What you see is the thing that you get, and they are shameless about saying what they esteem, what they need, and when. It will interest Scorpio for somebody to be that immediate.” 

Sagittarius Rising/Gemini Descendant 

Droop and Gem knows the stuff to keep the flares of energy starting and alive. 

“A Sagittarius Rising is somebody who is continually needing an experience—regardless of whether it’s an exacting voyaging campaign or a mentally invigorating competing match,” says Maimonides. “With Gemini as the Descendant ruler, they will search out partners who know a great deal about a ton—somebody who will cause them to remain alert and they’ll never become exhausted by.” 

Capricorn Rising/Cancer Descendant 

Once more, Capricorn and Cancer like a 50s couples prime example, with Cap tracking down a characteristic solace in Cancer in the wake of getting back home from a hard day at work. 

“Known for ascending professional bureaucracies, Capricorn Risings exemplify material achievement and aspiration,” says Marmanides. “What will make Cancer appealing to Capricorn is that they will perceive how much more extravagant their lives can be the point at which they shift to zeroing in on enthusiastic riches and ventures.” 

Aquarius Rising/Leo Descendant 

“For Aquarius Rising, passionate presentations are not your most grounded suit. They DO cherish fantasizing about how to make people groups’ lives better and inventive critical thinking. 

“You’ll be attracted to Leo attributes since you’ll see somebody who is unafraid of putting themselves out there, being truly themselves, and is down for building an idealistic realm with you,” says Maimonides. 

Pisces Rising/Virgo Descendant 

At long last, we have Pisces rising to coordinate with a Virgo relative. Why? They need somebody to keep them grounded, and who is better than an Earth sign? 

“Pisces Risings are known as the visionaries and they can epitomize characteristics that are more vaporous, obscure or profound,” says Maimonides. “They’ll float towards partners that are more commonsense, reliable and submitted, yet who actually carry on with their life attempting to assist with making the world a superior spot, through demonstrations of die hard loyalty.”


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