A Unique Camera From Samsung

The new Samsung Galaxy M01 is the most advanced mobile phone from Samsung. It comes with features that are very handy for the users. The advanced mobile phone has a great video player and has been designed in a way that it fits in one’s pocket. It comes with Gingerbread and Android operating system. Samsung has made this phone available for low price through Samsung official site and several other online stores. samsung galaxy m01

The Samsung galaxy m01 has many impressive features such as: incredible picture quality, powerful internet browser, fantastic gaming experience, advanced chatting facility, excellent camera, music player, excellent memory, high resolution keyboard, fantastic screen and the list goes on. As we can see from the above, there is a variety of features that this wonderful smartphone has to offer to the users. The Samsung galaxy m01 comes with a stunning 4.2 inch Super AMOLED capacitive display which offers bright and vivid colors. The screen has a native resolution of 720 x HD which makes it possible to view videos and games with ease.

This Samsung galaxy m01 has two different types of batteries, the first is the lithium ion type and the second one is the lithium polymer battery. The lithium ion battery has high capacity but has low discharge rate. On the other hand, the lithium polymer battery is manufactured with high capacity but has low discharge rate. These two batteries come along with a charger and data cable. The user has to connect the phone to USB using a micro USB cable to recharge the batteries.

One of the amazing features of the Samsung galaxy m01 is the picture taking support where you can use the built in camera application to capture your snap. The Samsung galaxy m01 has a primary camera setup with the ability to use either the optical or the digital image capturing option. There is also the manual focus and exposure preview option available. In order to take multiple pictures, you can switch to the front camera and start taking videos. The video recording support allows you to edit out the parts that you don’t want to be included in the video.

Another unique feature is the Auto focus option of the Samsung galaxy S phone which helps you to take the perfect shot. You just need to place your target in the focus distance and the camera will focus on that area without any hassle. To take photos in a natural way, you can use the image stabilization feature of the Samsung snapdragon 439. The image stabilization allows you to take photos while walking, running and even during some extreme weather conditions. When you buy a Samsung android phone, it will definitely give you a lot of exciting features at an affordable price.

In order to take quality photos even in a tough situation, the microSD slot in the Samsung galaxy m01 is very useful. This slot can store the majority of images that you take and use them for future occasions when you do not have enough storage space in the device. You can also connect this camera with your computer using the USB cable and download all the photos to your computer. This unique camera from Samsung comes with a lot of exciting features that make it a perfect choice to buy by everyone who has a need to take high quality photos.

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