What You Need to Know to Skateboard

Beginners Skateboarding Guide

Do you love to skateboard? Well if you do this is the site for you. Lets start with the basics. What kind of skateboarder are you? Street or vert? Or are you new to skateboarding or do not skateboard? Well To start out just so you know. A vert skater is a skateboarder who only skates half pipes. . . or those big ramps you see at a skate park. A street skateboarder obviously only skates on the street.

3 Basic Tricks

1. Ollie – This is the most essential trick to know… why you ask? Well this trick is when a skateboarder jumps up with the board.

2. 50-50

3. Kickflip – This is when the skateboarder will make the board turn a complete 360 spin upside down in the air. Now lets talk about 2 big names in skateboarding. I will name one street skater and one vert skater.

Pro Skaters Intro

1. First I will talk about the street skater. His name is Rodney Mullen-A very well known skateboarder for a long time. You should check this guy out if you haven’t. He is a insane skateboarder. . . he does flips and handstands with the board and things you wont think is real. Check him out on YouTube. Next will be the vert skater. . . his name is the one and only Tony Hawk-The only skateboarder ever to do a 900. I am sure you want to know what that 900 is. The 900 is done on a half pipe and is when a skateboarder turns 2 and a half in the air. He still skates today even at the age of 49. Tony Own has 10 video games in his name. He is also has been around the skateboarding world for a long time. Check him out on YouTube as well.

Top 10 Skateboard Manufacturers A-Z-

1. Alien workshop.
2. Blind
3. Birdhouse
4. Element
5. Girl
6. Habitat
7. LIB
8. Plan B
9. Toy Machine
10. Zero

Skateboard Parts

1. Deck
2. Trucks
3. Wheels
4. Hardware
5. Bearings

Deck-This is the board itself. . . usually consist of 7 layers of wood.

Trucks-The trucks are what hold the both the wheels and deck together. electric skateboard spares

Wheels-These are what make the skateboard move

Hardware-This is all the nuts and bolts that hold the trucks to the board.

Bearings-These are what make the wheels spin

Skate park-A place made for skateboarding… sometimes indoor and others are outdoor. Also this is where you can skateboard and meet other skaters.

Advanced Tricks

1. Impossible
2. Hard Flip
3. 360 Flip
4. Inward Heel Flip
5. Laser flip

History-Skateboarding started in the 60. Did not become popular until the 70s. The group that helped bring skateboarding to what it is today was a group called the Z-boys.

Today and skateboarding-Skateboarding is a lot more advance today then it was 20 years ago. Today’s skaters are some of the most amazing athletes you will ever see. The way they ollie those stair sets and how they grind those huge rails. But remember even the pros mess up. They get hurt just like me and you.

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